Friday, May 19, 2017

Geneseo High School

This is a picture in 1916 of the front of the Geneseo Township High School. The building faced south and was located west of The First Congregational Church. It was built in the same location where the old Geneseo Seminary once stood.

This picture of the Geneseo Township High School is seen from the northeast corner of the property. This north section of the building was a new annex to the original building, and was constructed around 1936-1937.  The building later became the Junior High School.  It has been torn down and is now the green space north of the city park.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

North Western Normal Graduating Class of 1891

This is a picture of local students who graduated from North Western Normal, Geneseo, Illinois in 1891. Back row: Leah Schnabele Benedict, ?, Ben Ott, Dr. J. Edward West, Cora Woodruff Rea, Sue Williams Bradley, Elvin F. Dilenbeck, Ellen Ford. Front row: Emma Hines Young, the next four unknown, and B. B. Joslin.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Central School students

These pictures are of local students who attended Central School. No date was give but the top picture listed the children.  Listed are: Charlie Farber, Elinan Patten, Vance Hjllm, May Graves, Essie Barns, Carry Ernst, Jessie Freeman, Emma Johnson, Hilma Lazar, Eda Lidtkee, Era Cole, Bessie Thorton, Mammie Downs, Ester Lynn, Callie Luther, Alice Rubeck, ? Luther, Edna Gimbel, B Lieberknecht, Kittie Antis, Jessie Canfield, Myrtle Angel, Annie Anderson, Ellen Henson, Loisa Angel, Roy VanHousen, Martin Lazar, Martin Henson, Johnie Stine, Theodore Johnson, ? Skinner, Fred Lumburg, Budgr ?, Paul Fisher, Roy Inively, Frank Ruback, George Alger, Joe Sickler, Daniel Rovitz, and Fred Murray. As you can read, many names are still recognizable as Geneseo natives. The writing on here was not the best so if you spot a name that you recognize please respond with corrections.

This is a picture of the building of Atkinson Hall. The building was built to accommodate the music department for the Geneseo ...